A Beginning

Hello –

I am the breadest. As in, the breadest person I am aware of. The man whom I know that is the most about bread. I am sure there are people out there that are more bready than I, but I have yet to meet them.

I have worked for fifteen years in positions that are at least partially focused on the creation of bread and bread-based products. Pizza, loaves, buns, sweets, savories, cakes, and others. I’ve also had the opportunity to obtain post-secondary certification in cooking, furthering my understanding of how both manage a kitchen and understand the operational aspects and more importantly how food works.

Thus, I approach the making of bread and its relatives with the steady hand of a trained professional and the passion and exuberance of an excited child on Christmas morning. I let myself be defined by my love of bread and the craft of baking. My interest in bread spills over into all aspects of my life, as I am constantly talking to people about bread or making new kinds of bread for my peers to try. If I could ever remember my dreams (or nightmares), I am sure they would be about bread.

This brings me to the blog. This blog will serve as a way for me to chronicle the successes and failures of my weekly efforts in bread making. It will serve as a way for me to spread my love for baking ever further. The colourful commentary on my own loaves will be accompanied by detailed instructions, tips and tricks, and discussions on bread theory, all of which will aim to help those seeking knowledge on how to start their own baking or improve upon their skills. I will be happy to answer baking related questions, decode confusing recipes, or assist with techniques in any way I can to those who seek improvement or guidance.

While not a certified Master in the art of bread-baking, my knowledge and experience in the subject allows me to have a deeper understanding and appreciation than the vast majority of people. However, this blog will be one of learning, for both myself and others. Some posts may involve bread that doesn’t work, through factors either within or beyond my control. However, we must be as the loaf: after being punched down, one always rises again.

Actually, that’s kind of wrong; it won’t always rise again. It depends on the amount of yeast initially added, the kind of yeast you’re using, how long it’s been fermenting for, the percentage and kind of sugars added to the dough (if any), ambient temperature. . .

Not the best simile, granted, but you get the idea. Hit me up if you have questions, comments, or need help with anything bread related.

Weekly updates about bread and recipes will be posted every Monday.

– The Breadest


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