Cinnamon Buns

There was a point in time in my life where I absolutely loathed cinnamon buns. The bakeries that I used to work in pumped out cinnamon buns by the dozens, every day of the week, multiple times a day. Because they were from-scratch bakeries, the process for making said buns was rather involved. Making cinnamon... Continue Reading →

Hamburger Buns

Currently, it is May. Spring is doing its thing and whatever, and people begin to remember that they own a barbecue. I merrily barbecue all year long, because I'm a strong, independent, manly-man, but many lack these quality attributes. And thus, barbecues around the world are left to rust and rot by their lonesome selves,... Continue Reading →

Hot Cross Buns

Ah, toasty, sweet, spicy, fruity hot cross buns. A traditional Easter treat eaten in many parts of the world, who wouldn't enjoy a festive treat such as this? Me. Seriously, screw hot cross buns. Not because they are necessarily a bad dough; on the¬†contrary, the dough itself and the subsequent bread product is good. I... Continue Reading →

Dinner Buns

Everyone loves dinner buns. For me, the best part of holiday dinners growing up was eating the probably horribly processed white buns that my parents would get from the store every time.¬†Why eat real, home-made food that's been lovingly hand crafted by doting parental units when you can just mow down hardcore on a twelve-pack... Continue Reading →

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