Cinnamon Buns

There was a point in time in my life where I absolutely loathed cinnamon buns. The bakeries that I used to work in pumped out cinnamon buns by the dozens, every day of the week, multiple times a day. Because they were from-scratch bakeries, the process for making said buns was rather involved. Making cinnamon... Continue Reading →


Bread wears hats. Sometimes, it wears a dinner hat. Other times, it may wear a lunch hat. In rare and sometimes surprising situations, it may even wear a breakfast hat (more on this in the weeks to come). A hat that most people don't assume bread wears is the dessert hat. If you're anything like... Continue Reading →


At the time of this writing, I am employed at a faith-based senior's home. I work as a cook and a baker at various buildings on site, preparing food items for the hundreds of residents who live there.┬áBeing the kitchen's go-to bread guy, I have been tasked this year with making a kind of bread... Continue Reading →

Hot Cross Buns

Ah, toasty, sweet, spicy, fruity hot cross buns. A traditional Easter treat eaten in many parts of the world, who wouldn't enjoy a festive treat such as this? Me. Seriously, screw hot cross buns. Not because they are necessarily a bad dough; on the┬ácontrary, the dough itself and the subsequent bread product is good. I... Continue Reading →

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